Improving Discourse Help

I just signed up for Discourse because I saw a note about moving to this new forum.

I am having trouble understanding how I’m supposed to use this tool. I looked around for a “support” or “help” link to see if there were instructions or a FAQ, but I couldn’t find anything like that.

Some questions:

  • Based on hallway conversations, I’m supposed to be able to subscribe to topics and then use this like a mailing list. But I can’t figure out how to get emails from the topics I’m subscribed to. Also, if I were going to start a new topic, how would I do that from email?
  • Why is the login flow so strange? Login creates a popup window, which then opens a second Persona login window. Where would I file bugs about this system, and who is working on it?

Below the content, there are several buttons (“Bookmark”, “Share”, etc.). One of them is a dropdown that will probably say “Regular”. You can select “Watching” from that menu and you’ll get emails for every post in that topic.

Our login system is really hacky right now. Discourse used to have Persona built-in, but it was removed because there was nobody maintaining that module. Somebody turned it into a plugin, and that’s what we’re using now. @leo was working on SSO that would fix this, and let us do a lot of other things, like use fxa. I’m not sure what the status of this is right now, though.