Improving Pontoon's Docker dev experience

Hi! I started recently as a new developer at Mozilla on the same team as @mathjazz, and one of the aspects of Pontoon that I’d like to improve is its developer experience, i.e. what it takes to effect changes on the codebase.

One rather significant aspect of that is the set of Docker images that we’re using to provide a dev environment, and I’ve submitted mozilla/pontoon#1996 to start improving that. It’s likely that it’ll be followed by some further progress. This would be a good time to also note that we’re not currently considering the Pontoon Dockerfiles to be a part of its public API, so while we won’t intentionally break things, they may e.g. gain new dependencies or otherwise experience changes that’ll need to be reflected in any code that uses them directly.

So, are there oddities or annoyances that you’ve experienced while working on Pontoon that you’d like to have addressed?

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