Improving reports to be more appealing


I want to open this topic to talk about how we can turn the reporting system into something more appealing for Reps to use.

Right now the procedure can be a bit boring and the result is something like this:

How we can turn this into something more like an “activity” that could be also be presented like a timeline on Rep profile?

Ideas welcomed :slight_smile:

I like the continuous reporting instead of the monthly we used to have, but I’d like this to be more like a quick status update. I know that an activitiy should have some semantic metadata (like functional area, date, etc), but we can work on moving the UI towards that direction without many changes to the underneath logic.

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The problem is that right now the reports do include this metadata and you have to fill all of them.

Ideally we should turn this into something people would like to do to show their work, from small updates (I attended this meeting, tacked my pending Reps bugs) to bigger things (I created this initiative, we accomplished this or that).

Also we should understand what’s not working for Reps from the current system, since there are a lot of people that do stuff but don’t report it.

I certainly have an idea to make reporting “easier” !

Once you have clicked on “Save” and submitted a report, there should be an option to click a link to “Add another report” in the green heading that appears. Today, if you want to add another report, you need to go back to the Dashboard, scroll down and click on “Add new report” which is tedious and a bit frustrating.

To make it even easier, it would be “AWESOME” to have a simple Firefox add-on where you could easily upload a report directly from your browser.

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That sounds like a nice idea. Could you file a bug about this?

I just go back and change the data from report. But +1 to have a button implemented,

I had two ideas regarding reports lately:

1. A custom event form for reporting meetings

Tracking which meetings in the org have Reps attendance is a useful metric. It can help us see which functional areas have volunteer presence, and which could be improved. Also attending meetings, and even running meetings are important leadership roles for Reps. Right now attending a meeting is handled as a regular activity, not an event, so it is not possible to see how many Reps attended a particular meeting.

The problem with doing this in the existing event form is all the irrelevant mandatory fields. It would also be great if when you put in the time and date of the meeting the portal could check for other meetings at that time to try to avoid duplicates.

2. Goals/metrics focused reports

It would be great if the portal could hep me track my progress on my goals as a Rep. Also setting a goal and reporting on progress towards that goal is much more impactful than randomly reporting activities. This is basically the same idea I’ve mentioned earlier about wanting to be able to track a new contributor from start to finish.

Reps should set personal goals quarterly, with good metrics and an easy way to say if the goal is done. Then the portal can be more useful as a tool to help me work towards my goals.