Improving titles of "Example" pages

(Eric Shepherd) #1

Currently, the learning area has a bunch of pages named “Example” or “Example 2” or the like. These all look the same in search results at a glance. Is anyone available to take some time to hunt these down and give them proper titles? They can keep the same URLs, of course, but need their article titles improved to be more descriptive (while ideally being between 50-60 characters long).

This would be a simple contribution that could have somewhat significant SEO benefits.


(Julien Tane) #2

Could you give an example URL?

But it sounds a good idea to use descriptive titles

(Eric Shepherd) #3

Yeah, here are a few examples:

And so on. There aren’t tons of them, but they definitely exist. :slight_smile:

(Julien Tane) #4

something like:
<title>Code for Your first HTML form: Example 2</title>

or generally:
<title>Code for title of the learning section: Example 2</title>

I am not yet familiar with the MDN infrastructure as to how easy it is to set the title of the documents.

(Eric Shepherd) #5

Changing titles is easy enough in the editor. Deciding on a form for the titles is the hard part. :slight_smile:

I think I’d go for something more like “Example: Making dogs bark” and “Example: Doing something amazing”. I don’t think it’s necessary to number the examples, since with proper names, the number shouldn’t be needed to differentiate.


(Julien Tane) #6

I agree that the numbering is less important than the speaking part.

Note though that the examples you gave refer to the complete code of some Tutorial webpage.

So perhaps:
Complete Code of …: Example
or even better
Complete Code of …: Concrete name

But the titles might get too long then.