in-Context editor in sept 2019 version

I just set up a pontoon version of 30.09.2019, wich allows me to switch between the and the old ui.
In the old ui I’d like to try the in-context editor. but it is not shown.
When looking into the network traffic in the browser, I can see that the website to localize is downloaded and I can see the HTML within the iframe when examining the sites code. Bit the iframe html entity is set to hidden.
What do I nee to do to see the in-context editor?


Hi Herald!

First of all, welcome to the Pontoon community! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to encourage you to update to the master version of Pontoon, since we no longer maintain nor support the old UI.

As part of the transition to Translate.Next, we’ve dropped support for in-context localization, and we’re considering implementing it again.

For more details, see

We’d be happy to hear more about you use case for the in-context localization functionality.