In the newly released Thunderbird 91.2.0, is there a way to put the attachments pane/box back to the upper right corner of the compose window?

Thank you for your help.

Same here! I liked that layout when composing emails with attachments. Likely some .css tweak?

Same here, so +1 from me

Please add the option to move the attachment panel back to the upper right corner! I use attachments all the time and it was so convenient seeing what I have already attached in that handy little window. I hate having it at the bottom now.

Any update on this? I’m holding out on updates until this is back where it belongs.

The bottom “outlook” style attachment pane is a major step back for the user interface. Just make it configurable or draggable and have users decide for themselves.

For messages with a larger number of attachments the older pane (which also showed size) is much clearer. Large attachments immediately stand out and sorting a medium to large number of attachments is also way more intuitive.

Then you should plan on not updating.

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I use this addon which gives me back pretty much how I want it to look like.


Thanks for this! It looks like it might solve this irritation.