Inactive admin & moderator review

(Leo McArdle) #1

The use of Discourse within Mozilla has grown incredibly well, but our management of the granting and revoking of admin and moderation permissions hasn’t kept up. With Discourse now being a core part of the IAM strategy going forward, and the quantity of important and confidential information on it set to rise as a result of that, it’s now important that we restrict permissions to what is necessary.

As a first step towards that, I’ve just applied the following formula to remove inactive admins and moderators:

All admins who haven’t taken meaningful actions as admins in the past 6 months have become moderators. All moderators who haven’t taken meaningful actions as moderators in the past 6 months have been granted TL4.

We’ll almost certainly review permissions more in future, but this serves as an important first step.

This is what the changes look like:


@buluma_michael, @leo, @tanner, @yousef


@CaptainCalliope, @jorgev, @Kensie, @comzeradd, @deimidis, @mstanke, @nukeador, @rtsayles


@bking, @Chelsea, @kmaglione, @logan, @lshapiro, @mrz, @pierros, @surit, @tad, @TheOne, (along with everyone who already has it)

Thank you to all of the above for your help getting Discourse to this point! :rocket:

(Lshapiro) #2


Thanks. What does “TL4” really mean? I rarely moderate anymore but I’d like
to understand.

(Guillermo Movia) #3

Hi @leo, thanks for the update. If it’s possible, maybe it’s better to downgrade me even more, I don’t know if I will have time to help in the coming months, and I don’t want to have a «position» were I will not helping.

Thanks for all your work

(Leo McArdle) #4

Your powers are documented on Meta Discourse:

Sure, I’ve revoked your moderator permission and you’re now TL4.