Increase the number of words limit for Odia

Odia, being an Indic and one of the six cultural language has many single/double letter words. This 14 words limitation is making the sentences handicapped without a meaning.

Even if I break sentences under 14 words, it’s pretty hard to get a meaningful sentence out of those words. I request to please increase the number of words limits for Odia.

Word limitations can be configured per language. You can find more information here:

What do you think how long a sentence should be for Odia so it’s still in the range of acceptable clip length?

@nukeador I forgot, how long do we want the clips to be on average?

@mkohler, Thanks for the guidance. It would be enough to increase the words from 14 to 30. I have submitted a PR for that as per the instructions.

@soumendra thanks for your feedback. Before moving into any direction, it would be good to understand how long would it take to read a sentence today and also how long (on average) would it take to read a 30 characters sentence.

I don’t know if you are, but If you can get a Odia linguistic expert, it would be useful for defining the exact number we would need. We want sentences that require less than 8 seconds to read (for user experience).