Incredibly slow performance suddenly

Hello folks.

Long time Firefox user (off and on!) First time ever posting to this forum.

I wanted to know if anyone else was having sudden major performance issues since the last update. I’m running Firefox on my Linux Mint system, FF version 109.0.1

I can’t tell what changed, but it must have been something rather significant as Firefox was generally pretty snappy and responsive for a while up until this update dropped. Is anyone else having a similar issue?


Me too, I just updated Firefox, and now I can’t even use it. It is so slow/laggy, that it makes my computer freezes. Before the update, it was a bit slow, but now it’s unusable.

One aspect is the start time. It takes ages (around 4 minutes) to start and reload the pages. Tabs are blank and nothing seems to happen, then after around 4 minutes, the content is loaded and I can see the web pages.

Using Release Linux Mint 21.1 Vera 64-bit with MATE 1.26.0

Yes - I have also experienced this. My laptop running Windows 10 just ground to a halt. It took over half an hour to restart it and then each app loaded up incredibly slowly. In the end I did a complete reset of my laptop, a clean istall of Windows and everything was fine… I re-installed all my software one by one… all was fine until I reinstalled Firefox and lo and behold, it happened again. I did a clean re-install of Windows again and this time, I have avoided installing Firefox and my laptop is once again behaving impeccably. I prefer Firefox over any other browser but I can’t risk this happening again so I’m using Chrome for now. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in a future Firefox update. I did send Firefox crash reports so hopefully the devleopers have some information to work off.