Informal Meetup in Bern - February 2018

(Michael Kohler) #1

I’d like to get together in Bern in February 2018 for an informal meetup as we’ve done in the past. This means that there is no official talk, but most probably going out for dinner together and having some discussions.

Everyone is welcome to join, please fill out this doodle so we can set a date:

Please do so until January 20th (or really, do it now, you will forget :wink: )


(Martin Giger) #2

Any plans on where to meet up yet? Else I’d like to start the discussion so it doesn’t end in a ping on IRC (or Telegram) and “hey, any ideas where to go?”…

(Michael Kohler) #3

Good idea! How about Tramdepot or Pangäa? Other suggestions?

(Michael Kohler) #4

Quick reminder about this :wink:

@freaktechnik also for you a reminder regarding my suggestions for the location

(SJW) #5

@mkohler could you share the final result of the poll?

(Michael Kohler) #6

Sorry, wanted to do that. The final date is:

February 14th, 19:00 in Bern

Here is the Reps page for it:

Location will be communicated shortly. I’d still suggest the Tramdepot, will keep you in the loop. Quick ping for @freaktechnik regarding location in case you know already :wink:

(Michael Kohler) #7

I’ve reserved for 6 at Pangäa, Schwanengasse 8: .