Information about add-on stated incorrectly by authors on AMO


Who is responsible that information about add-ons is stated correctly on AMO?

The AMO page for Disconnect falsely states the software license as GNU GPL 3.0. It in fact also includes two proprietary third-party software products, as stated on the add-on’s github page ( Claiming that the add-on is licensed exclusively under GNU GPL 3.0 is highly deceptive, dishonest and inaccurate. I would like to report this so that it can be corrected, because I believe the authors have left this information out on purpose. However at they aren’t interested.


I’ve now reported this issue to the authors, to and via the form on its AMO page. All with no effect, the mistake remains. Apparently any add-on developer can just claim anything they want about their add-on, there is no control. It’s good to be aware that can’t be trusted and doesn’t really care to provide accurate information about add-ons.