Infrastructure Stand-up 2014-11-17


Unfortunately we missed the first Sunday meeting. This thread is meant to take its place. Please reply with your updates, keeping in mind the stand-up template:

  1. What got done
  2. What will get done soon
  3. What is blocking #2

You may only have input for question #1, or only for question #2, that’s fine.

@mrz @tad @logan @tanner @yousef (hope I didn’t forget anyone!)

(Yousef Alam) #2

Been quiet on the Discourse end of things this week. Once JPs internet is fixed, we will be able to continue pushing forward with automating Discourse updates. Just gotta install puppet on a server, add the Jenkins task and test it out.

I’ve also been talking with two potential contributors (though I need to follow up), one interested in helping with badgus and the other has experience in automation.

(Logan Rosen) #3
  1. @tad and I imported Greece and GenOpen to WordPress.
  2. WordPress will ideally be production-ready soon.
  3. There is an annoying bug with subsite login that we’re trying to figure out.


Thanks guys!

@logan - Do you have a bug number so we can keep track of it?