Install an extension next time firefox launches

(Arthur) #1

First of all, this is my first time posting here so I apologize in advance if I’m at the wrong place.

I want to install an extension(xpi), preferably from a url, the next time firefox launches. The extension is not in the AMO.

The only methods I’ve seen that do this are either using the registry, or placing the xpi directly into the firefox extensions folder, but as stated here addons installed this way will not be updated automatically, so this is not a viable solution in my case.

I also looked at the command line options for firefox, searching for something that opens a url page the next time firefox launches, but didn’t find anything that fills this requirement.

The only similar thing I have seen is placing the xpi into the profile extensions folder, which does provide a similar end result to what I want, but this requires me to provide the xpi myself, and put it into all profile folders.

The best option for me would be if I was able to somehow tell firefox to open the url to the xpi next time it launches, as that will cause the browser to properly ask the user for permission to install the extension.

Is there a way for me to do that? Maybe another installation method entirely that will achieve what I want?

Or is placing the xpi myself into the profile folders the best solution in my case?


(Jorge) #2

If this is an enterprise or managed deployment, I suggest you look for help here: