Install xpi extension in firefox android

Hello, I’ve developed an extension for firefox and I want to install it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 lite tablet (android 11) with firefox android version 110.1.0. I’ve done several tests and read documentation, like this article, and it seems that it cannot be installed, can someone help me and tell me of the current situation? Thank’s

Please elaborate :slight_smile:.
What you did, what happened, what should have happen.

Hello, thanks for answer, I am developing an extension for Firefox and I want to install it on the latest version of Firefox for Android, but when I download the xpi, it only lets me download it, not install it.
I have read this post , and it seems that on the latest versions of firefox for android (fenix engine) xpi can no longer be installed, only extensions that are on the recommended list, and I wanted to know if this is true currently or is there any way to install an xpi in a firefox for android. thanks

Well… the installation from the xpi file is no longer possible, originally reported here:

But, if you release it to the store, you will be able to install it to Nightly and now also to Beta, through the collections feature:

Thanks, that’s what I thought

Hey ! I wanted to install an older version of an existing extension on the store (one that isnt mine).

As you mentioned, you can add the latest version to a collection, but for older versions you have to download the xpi.

Issue is, I cant re-upload the xpi to the store as my own because it already exists with this ID, so what to do now ?

In the store, there is a “Version History” page with previous versions - maybe you can install these?

But it’s not a common use case, also unless the extension is open source, you can’t just copy it and publish it as your own.

Also using older versions of software is generally not recommended.
Why do you need to use older version?

As i said, “version history” only allows to download xpi files. On android the only way to install desktop extensions is there MUST be a drop down option to “add to collection”, which is only available for the latest version. not the version history

I need the older version cause the newer one is broken

The Beta and Nightly now allows installing directly from the store, no need to use the collection anymore.

But I’ve just checked it now and sadly, installing addons from History page is indeed not working.

Maybe you can contact author of the addon and ask him to fix whatever is the issue with the new version.

It only allows you to install directly for android “reccomended” extensions, but not for desktop ones. For those you you still need collections, but that’s besides the point now anyways

Many people have left feedback in the store informing the author it is broken, he hasn’t responded to those and I don’t think contacting him would be any different.

It frustrates me that the xpi is RIGHT THERE but I simply can’t install it

You can install also non-recommended now, they’ve changed it recently. But I forgot to mention, the addon must be marked as Android compatible (by author), for example this one:

I’m sorry for the confusion… :frowning:

If the author abandoned the project, then it’s really bad.
If you want to risk it, you could re-submit his addon, and change the ID of the addon in the “manifest.json” file. Ideally also change the name and mention that it’s a fork of the original in the description.
Still, publishing someone else work as your own may be illegal, depending on the license.

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