Install xpi extension in firefox android

Hello, I’ve developed an extension for firefox and I want to install it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 lite tablet (android 11) with firefox android version 110.1.0. I’ve done several tests and read documentation, like this article, and it seems that it cannot be installed, can someone help me and tell me of the current situation? Thank’s

Please elaborate :slight_smile:.
What you did, what happened, what should have happen.

Hello, thanks for answer, I am developing an extension for Firefox and I want to install it on the latest version of Firefox for Android, but when I download the xpi, it only lets me download it, not install it.
I have read this post , and it seems that on the latest versions of firefox for android (fenix engine) xpi can no longer be installed, only extensions that are on the recommended list, and I wanted to know if this is true currently or is there any way to install an xpi in a firefox for android. thanks

Well… the installation from the xpi file is no longer possible, originally reported here:

But, if you release it to the store, you will be able to install it to Nightly and now also to Beta, through the collections feature:

Thanks, that’s what I thought