Instructions for login config when running Common Voice locally?

Previously I was using an older version of Common Voice (voice-web) locally, feeding into my S3 store with MySQL locally. Having just updated, I’m unsure what must be done in the back-end to handle users logging in when it’s run locally - are there instructions anywhere?

Accessing via localhost:9000, if I try the login button (“LOG IN / SIGN UP”), I get a backend error:

/login next is not a function TypeError: next is not a function

and the front end shows:


It seems like it has kept my last profile settings in the browser somewhere (as it uploaded my recordings to the same folder in S3), but there now seems to be no way to change the profile info w/o login and I can’t get the login working locally.

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, but any pointers gratefully received


Hey Neil,

sorry for the late response. I just put some info into the docs on setting up login.

Let me know if the info was sufficient.