Integration of Ethical CoinHive/JS Miner into an Add-on

(Joe) #1

I provide a free VPN/Proxy service to many users. I am looking for various ways to be able to monetize the the extension that I have. One of the ideas that I had was the integration of a Javascript miner such CoinHive.

So the question is, with JS Miners like coinhive getting a bad rep these days, what is the position of Firefox Add-ons review team when it comes to the ethical usage of JS Miners that the user consents to within the Extension community?

(Jorge) #2

The current policy is to not allow coin miners at all. The only exception are add-ons that are meant to let users mine their own coins.

(Brad Chesney) #3

I was just looking into building something people could set as a web page “screen saver” that would mine coins associated with a specific wallet. My local school PTO for instance…

All consensual, no need to be shady on my part.

(Jorge) #4

Due to coin miners working in the background and potentially causing significant performance / battery problems, we decided to not allow them even when the user opts in to them.