Interface update


I am new to Thunderbird, after degrading to El Capitan, and Mac’s Mail being unable to connect to mail at my domain.

I am working out bugs, and making my adjustments to make it ‘user friendly’ for me, but the ONE thing I could REALLY use I have yet to find, other than either a discontinued or outdated add-on, is some way to make the type in the mailbox list LARGER!!!

Is there anything in the works to address this issue?


Take a look at this similar question:

I believe I read through that one, but found no workable solution.

I am using 78.4.0 (64-bit) on El Capitan.

Meaning the userChrome.css file didn’t work for you, or you did not try it?

Does Mac have a global display setting you can change like there is for Windows?

For my Linux system I installed the Tweaks application and set the global interface setting to a higher font size there. Applies to all applications and I’m thinking of playing with a Gothic font style.

I did try it.

I was not able to save the text file as .css, so it is .css.txt.

How do I make it ONLY .css?

I DID take my .css.txt and work with it.

The only file named ‘Thunderbird’ is at: myuser/Library/Caches/Metadata/Thunderbird

I placed the file in that folder, as well as the Mail folder and had no effect.

No idea why you couldn’t save it as a .css file.

Looks like you didn’t find your profile folder which is where the file is supposed to be placed in a folder named “chrome” according to the directions at userChrome.css

I had it in user/Library/Cache/Metadata/Thunderbird

Placed it now in user/library/application support/Google/Chrome

I used textedit to make the file. What do I need to do to make a .css
instead of .txt?

BTW - Thank mew for your help!

FYI I do not have an option in Textedit to save as .css. I can save as a
.html, or as a web archive.

I deleted the .txt part of the name. It will still open in Textedit, but
there is no change in T-Bird.

I ought mention I am on a 2008 Mac A1286, running El Capitan, so I may
just be too obsolete for many things.

Ooops - An A1278…(Macbook)

Last chance to place it in the correct location of your Thunderbird profile folder following the instructions here.

You might want to search or ask on Thunderbird Support

Sorry to be such a dunderhead.

As far as ‘profile’ folders, I have only these that would at all be
pertinent. There is on for a different user, and one for browsers

User/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles

My only T-bird FOLDERS:

And a few fonts

Thanks for your patience.