Introducing an IRC <=> Telegram bridge to #india

(Akshay) #1

A lot of messages/questions/requests in #india goes unheard/unanswered because IRC is not a popular thing for many of our contributors.

Meanwhile, a lot of Mozillians are quite active on Telegram. And there’s an informal “Mozilla India” group in Telegram created by @Tripad.

A lot has been spoken in community ops category about IRC, Telegram, Slack and our communication methods.

There’s also a discussion on whether communities should be helped to bridge Telegram groups with IRC channels.

Meanwhile, I’m adding a bot to our IRC channel at #india which’ll bridge it with the above mentioned Telegram group so that people using Telegram can talk to people on IRC and vice versa.

I’ve written about the bot here.

As of now, the bot shows up as TelegramUser on IRC. Its messages in IRC start with the telegram username of the person who send the message on Telegram.
And the bot shows up as IRC Message with username @gram_bot on Telegram with messages beginning with IRC nick name of the sender.

Please use this thread to give me suggestions or raise concerns about the same.

(Tripad Mishra) #2

I am really happy for the bridge because now we can open the conversations across platforms. The only genuine concern that has been raised is keeping the noise level in check; which i think we are doing good in that aspect. I am sure @asdofindia will keep improving the experience of the bot making it even better.

(Akshay) #3

Just moved this to #india-chat because of all the spam that IRC is getting and no benefit is lost except that people can’t find people to chat in #india now.

(Kaustav Das Modak) #4

Is it possible to publish the logs at #india-chat using some service like We have a logger enabled for #india at

(Akshay) #5

It must be possible. asks for channel operator to set up the logging. But, weirdly, there’s no channel operator in #india-chat and it can’t either be registered using chanserv.

(Kaustav Das Modak) #6

Too late. Someone created the channel and then left it. Now cannot get an ops privilege, unless a server admin grants it.