Introducing Firefox Lite - India Community

Hi Mozilla India Community,

Yesterday we announced a new Firefox to the world that we wanted to share with you.

We are very excited to introduce you to Firefox Lite, the exciting evolution of the Firefox Rocket browser, the same great lightweight browser built specifically for Asia is packed with new features and a brand new look.

We’re asking for your help celebrating this launch and advance Mozilla’s mission by downloading and rate Firefox Lite on the Google Play store!

By being the first people to download and rate the app you’ll help drive a higher star rating and a better appstore placement so that more users all over the world discover and choose Firefox Lite.

Firefox Lite is a fast & lightweight Android browser for Asia with lots of exciting new features that we want you to experience and talk about:

  • Fast browsing with Turbo Mode (it is essentially tracking protection) which blocks third-party content such as ads on web pages. By doing this, less data is consumed and websites load up faster.
  • Tiny app size (less than 3.5MB), quick to download and saves your phone storage
  • Save data with Turbo Mode and full page Screenshot for offline consumption

Cool right? Please take a second to download and rate Firefox Lite to help this launch be a huge success.

You are great!! Thank you for contributing, by working together we can keep the internet a global public resource, open and accessible to all.

Joe & Konstantina

The Rocket & Community Development Teams