Introducing Mozilla India Planet

Hello Mozilla Indians,
There was a long standing bug on our bugzilla instance which said we had to have a planet.

I went ahead and fixed it today by setting up a planet on

Sure it doesn’t look good or anything because I didn’t spend a lot of time on it. But, as far as I see there are two main important reasons for setting this up and why it doesn’t matter how neat it is.

  1. Planet helps keep one important part of the open web alive - blogging.
  2. We can use the planet atom feed for a lot of things like building bots that automatically post news to twitter, or telegram.

So, that’s it. Let me know of any improvements to be made or URLs to be added in this thread.

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I find many (totally) unrelated blogs on the planet blogs. This will bring down the purpose of the aggregation.
May be we can have atleast one step filter (user side or planet side), so as to increase quality of the post and pushing only the related content.

It’s an eternal problem with planets everywhere “to curate or not to curate”.

Here’s a post about Mozilla planet in the past:

I quote from it:

We desire that Planet reflect the people of Mozilla and not just the work output of the project. It remains a personal choice of those on Planet as to how much to share. People syndicating their blogs to Planet may submit a full blog feed or a curated Mozilla-related feed. We do not intend to change this policy.

As far as this particular feed from the screenshot is considered, it belongs to me, and I’ve therefore changed the feed URL now for including only posts from “mozilla” category.

But this is not a permanent solution since it requires everyone to be posting mozilla related posts to a certain category and making sure they post only mozilla related content to the same.

The enormity of a server sided solution is documented here:

Personally, I’m not willing to spend time on a server sided solution because I’m interested in planets that actually project a wide variety of ideas that Mozillians hold and not just event reports and photos ad nauseam.

This surely helps, this will half out irrelevant post atleast. May be we can put disclaimer.

We can actually just integrate the feed with a relevant tag. That would help in keeping the planet clean with only posts that are relevant to Mozillians and about FOSS.

BDW, how does one add his/her blog to this planet?

When we moved to participation infrastructure this project was discontinued.