Invite/add people to watch a category


Speaking with @emma_irwin we have identified a need to invite or add a group of people we have identified to the watching list of a category directly.

User case:

“As a community manager I would like to add all people attending Mozfest to watch and get notified by email from topics on the subcategory Mozfest.”

This would apply also to a lot o migrations from old mailing lists, where you want to make sure people is added to the new channel on discourse. Obviously this should be something done only users with a certain trust level or moderators.



Counter proposal: send out an initial mail in terms of “You’ve been invited to watch this category”. Signing people up so they get email automatically is not a nice way to do this in my opinion.

I think this enters into the plugin territory.

Any thoughts @leo?

any update on this - I was just searching for “invite people to discourse category” and got this thread :slight_smile:

Hi @emma_irwin , for now you should be able to use the invite button at the bottom.

I think the plugin, this has not been done yet. Maybe @leo would be in a position to advice more on that.


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The problem is that the invite button in the topics it’s just to invite one person at the time. The regular invite discourse feature (from your profile) should allow you to batch invite people (to discourse, not specific category) but that something.