Is any one use Streaming API for deepspeech==0.5.1

Is any one CreateStream function for deepspeech==0.5.0 it is available for deepspeech==0.6.0 onward

My model is trained with WER 0.013 and CER 0.011 Thank you, everyone, for your help

The model trained on deepspeech==0.5.0 So, am unable to use CreateSteam() method

Please help or any idea how to use this please suggest

Retrain on 0.7, that’s the best you can do. Everything else will be headaches and more time consumed than just upgrading to newer version.

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@lissyx Thank you will try upgrading

Is any there any package or github repo similar to deepspeech for printed character recognition mainly CNN and RNN based

@lissyx all package installs successfully but am unable to download gererate_trie file

I upgrade deepspeech==0.7.0

Can you please share the commands for download gererate_trie file

A model trained for 0.5 can’t be used with 0.7 code. As @lissyx said retrain your model or try to backport streaming, but I would strongly advise against that option.

The 0.7 code uses a combined binary and trie called the scorer, check data/lm how it is built.

@othiele Thanks

  python --input_txt Vocabulary20052020.txt --output_dir . \
  --top_k 500000 --kenlm_bins /home/ec2-user/LM/kenlm/build/bin/ \
  --arpa_order 3 --max_arpa_memory "25%" --arpa_prune "1" \
  --binary_a_bits 255 --binary_q_bits 8 --binary_type trie

this commands successfully run

vocab-500000.txt was created and lm.binary file


    python --alphabet ../alphabet.txt --lm lm.binary --vocab vocab-500000.txt \
  --package kenlm.scorer --default_alpha 0.931289039105002 --default_beta 1.1834137581510284

After that i got below results

334 unique words read from a vocabulary file.
Doesn't look like a character-based model.
Using detected UTF-8 mode: False
Package created in kenlm.scorer

Thanks @othiele for help

Why do you think you have a problem?

Can you please read the documentation ?