Is it just me or Pushbullet is running analytics and breaking AMO review rules?

(Andrei Petcu) #1

It has an analytics.js that seems to send data to

Is this OK from AMO rules? Is my interpretation wrong?

Thank you!

(Philipp Kewisch) #2

Hi Andrei, thanks for reporting this. Analytics is not completely disallowed, there needs to be user disclosure though. You can read more about our policies here, which we’ve recently updated.

Whether or not Pushbullet abides to our policy is not something that we would want to discuss publicly, but we’ll look into it.

(Andrei Petcu) #3

Analytics should be allowed as opt-in, right?

(Philipp Kewisch) #4

It depends. Foremost, user disclosure is required for analytics use. There is no blanket opt-in required for analytics, other methods are also available depending on the data being sent. It should be mentioned in detail in the linked policy, if you have specific questions on the wording there please let me know.