Is it possible to add screenshots to strings?


We’re looking into an open source translation system for the AntennaPod project, and Pontoon is one of the candidates.

In another (proprietary) system I know it’s possible to add screenshots. Some of the app’s notifications are rare and unlikely to be seen, so it’d be great if we could show the context of those strings, in addition to explaining them.

Many thanks

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Hey keunes,

Yes, you can add screenshots to strings. The way it works is to add a comment to the string that includes a link to the image. EXAMPLE.

And thanks for looking into Pontoon! Note that our primary focus right now are the needs of Mozilla, which is why out 3rd party readiness is a bit behind. In particular in terms of documentation, support and installation outside Heroku.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Great that it’s possible, seems easy!

Yep, we noticed. Do you think there might be some changes and/or activity that will help open up Pontoon to a wider community, so that it’ll make it easier for others to adopt & contribute?

I’m thinking particularly of

It seems there’s an interest from multiple sides, just little actually movement in that direction :confused:

All of these are on our radar. We’re finalizing our H2 roadmap and documentation overhaul for example is already on it.

Note however that items that don’t benefit Mozilla’s needs directly (e.g. production ready Docker image) are harder to prioritize. That said, we’d be more than happy to provide feedback and code review should there be interest from the community to write patches.