Is it possible to develop a paid extension?

(Stefano) #1

I think I have a really good and usefull tool idea in mind, since the efforts, time and maintenance would put some costs I was wondering if it is possible to develop a “paid” or “licensed” extension other than the usual “donate if you like” since this add-on will need some resource on my side other than time.

(Martin Giger) #2

From what I understand you can require payment to enable features when it is a listed extension, but you have to disclose what you have to pay to unlock things. There’s also a flag for the listing to indicate that the extension has features that require payment.

The only relevant resource I could find is

I’m not sure what the rules for unlisted extensions is, but there is probably no explicit need for disclosure, since you control distribution yourself.

(Niklas Gollenstede) #3

I don’t know where in the documentation I read this, but I’m pretty sure it is stated somewhere that listed extensions musten’t be useless without the payment.

So payment to disable ads or to unlock “advanced” features is fine, but having an extension where the first and only thin a user gets is a paywall is not. And I don’t think you’d get away with a trail period either.

(Stefano) #4

Due to complexity of functions I can have a “free edition” and offer extra functionalities upon payment, also in consideration that the most resources are used by the latter.

If I get it right, add-on with paid “extras” cannot be listed in AMO?

(Martin Giger) #5

They can be listed on AMO, they must just declare that they have such paid features. And there’s a checkbox you should check, which adds this little info tag on the listing: image

(Stefano) #6

I was hasty, further reading your link there is a mention:

Add-ons must disclose when payment is required to enable any functionality.

I read this any functionality like also any of the functionalities however if it need to offer something given “for free” to be published I can accept that, the features I have in mind needs to communicate with a dedicated software hosted on AWS, I’m not even totally sure if I can have an extension comunicate with a web server or service in general, but this is the requirement that will allow me to provide the functionalities.