Is it possible to hide (not delete) an add-on from "Add-on Manager"?

Some productivity tool add-ons like “LeechBlock NG” prevent accessing time-wasting sites if the add-on is enabled. However, the add-on can be easily disabled in the “Add-on Manager”, which is not OK for self-discipline.
It is possible to hide extension on Firefox for Windows, but how to do it on Android?

It is possible to hide extension on Firefox for Windows

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you referring to pinning or unpinning an extension’s action in the toolbar? If so, there isn’t an equivalent feature on Android. The Add-ons menu on Android is equivalent to the Extension Button on desktop.

If that’s not the desktop feature you’re referring to, please let us know.

I meant that it is possible to lock the extension on Firefox for Windows so it cannot be disabled - example described here. But I don’t know how to prevent disabling the extension on Android.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. That guidance is taking advantage of Firefox’s policy support. This is typically used by system administrators to control managed devices, such as shared public computers or kiosks. Policies aren’t usually set by end users, but they certainly can be. In that respect there’s a bit of a power user feature.

I’m not sure if Firefox for Android supports enterprise policies, but if it does, it’s worth noting that policy management on mobile devices is very different from desktops. On desktop it is possible to set and manage policies by hand, but to my knowledge mobile devices require bespoke software for this. This category is generally known as “mobile device management” or MDM.