Is it possible to preserve formatted text in the description of an add-on

(Olivier De Broqueville) #1

In the “Add-on details > description” section, I’ve tried pasting nicely formatted JSON, but the white spacing wasn’t preserved and it didn’t look too great!

I tried using HTML’s pre tag, but that failed. I also tried some markdown beginning with back ticks followed by javascript and ending with back ticks, but that equally failed!

(Jorge) #2

The description in the JSON manifest isn’t meant to be formatted. You can format the description on your AMO listing (assuming your add-on is listed), and that will be updated in the Add-ons Manager after the add-on is installed.

(Olivier De Broqueville) #3

I’m speaking about the formatting of the description in AMO. How do you format Json data so that it displays nicely and preserves white spaces?

(Jorge) #4

The formatting on AMO, isn’t JSON, it’s HTML. There’s a help icon where you can see which tags are supported.

(Olivier De Broqueville) #5

Thank you, Jorge. Unfortunately, <pre> isn’t supported!

Where may I submit a feature request for this?

(Jorge) #6

You can file an issue here, though we’re planning on rewriting most of those tools next year anyway.

(Olivier De Broqueville) #7

Done, here:

Thank you.