Is there a browser preference that will permit extensions to fetch from local disk?

Is there a browser preferences setting that the user can alter to permit an extension to fetch resources from the local disk?

I found that there is one to alter to permit a local HTML file to fetch resource files from the local disk, which is security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy. That is needed even if the local HTML file and resource files are from he same origin.

Thank you.

I don’t think so.

Perhaps the one you needed to modify was this newer preference introduced in Firefox 68:

Relaxing that older restriction allows traversing parent folders:

Thank you. I like that local files have separate origins because it appears to permit separate indexedDB databases for each origin.

Maybe I am misunderstanding something but it seems that the security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy is doing more than relaxing same-origin. My requests are same origin but won’t work unless this preference is changed. I understand why from a different article you gave me a link to before concerning some type of phone app breach which was done within the same origin also.

It appears that communication between same-origin iframes with the parent and same-origin fetch are forbidden unless this preference is changed. Is there not one that would maintain same origin but permit communication again within same origin?

Thank you.

I think there are only those two preferences to work with.

Thank you. Now that I’ve come to see just how bad an idea it was of my mine to attempt to use databases in local HTML pages, I will give that new preference you provided a try. It may be just what I needed. I appreciate your help.

Sometimes I should, perhaps, stop and think that if what I think I’d like to have isn’t available, there might be a good reason for it ; and I better rethink my approach. I tend to learn my lessons the hard way.

I’m pretty sure that I tried this before, when you suggested it in a different question of mine concerning iframes and the parent page in same-origin local HTML files no longer being able to communicate, and it didn’t permit it; but the old preference did. I will have to try again and see if it works in this situation.

Thanks again.