Is there a new MDN article for the article Same-origin policy for file: URIs?

The Same-origin policy for file: URIs artilce at is marked as obsolete.

I have an application that used an iframe within a local HTML page, that loaded another local HTML page, and the two could reference one another’s window; because the iframe file was in a subdirectory of the directory containing the parent document.

That no longer works unless security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy is set to false.

I can still load other local resources directly into a local HTML page via a relative path. A script in a local HTML file loaded in an iframe will still execute if it is same origin but the same HTML file is treated as of a different origin when attempt to communicate with the parent.

Could you please point to information that explains this further?

Thanks to @jscher2000, this link explains the change relative to what it used to be in the old article.

Thank you.

First result from google “same origin policy mdn

I read this document before posting the question. I do not see where it addresses local files as the document, that is labeled obsolete, does that I cited in the question. As far as I can tell from reading the bug record available through the link provided by jscher, the policy is still the same as in the obsolete document except same-origin is ignored for reading iframes. There is not a configuration setting that will permit reading just for same-origin but only to not enforce same-origin for local files.