Is there a way to disable or customize a particular shortcut?

Currently, I am using Firefox on Linux Mint (GNU/Linux).
The shortcut for closing Firefox is mapped to ctrl + q.
The problem is that I mistakenly press the keys and close Firefox.
Is there a way to customize the shortcut, so that I can disable some features?
Thank you.

maybe with:

info found in:

I appreciate your response.
However, I think the saka key does not allow to override the original key binding of Firefox itself.
It only allows to “add” new key map, but does not disable it.

Ctrl + Q problem still persists.

The thing is that I also had the problem… it does not occur very often…

I am far from being an expert. I looked at the code and tried different methods none of them worked.

one thing is that the command in xul as reserved=“true” so I believe this is problematic.

 <key id="key_quitApplication" key="&quitApplicationCmd.key;"

#ifdef XP_WIN

I removed the OSX part for readibility.
There are also a few about:config entries which should enable the changing of the accel keys… look for shortcuts.

maybe the support.mozilla is a better place to ask the question.

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Thank you! I just had a look. So it does not look good.

I’ll try to look again

I would add:
to your

Note that you can also disable the shortcut from Linux.

At least in Gnome you can. I opened the Keyboard gnome-control-center keyboard and added a Custom Shortcut for Ctrl+Q

Based on my experience enabling the ‘Confirm before quitting with Ctrl+Q’ option more or less resolves this issue, unless you have a habit of accidentally confirming in the modal window (e.g. pressing Enter).


There is now a configuration property in about:config to disable control-Q for quit. Set browser.quitShortcut.disabled to true.

(Unsupported since it’s not in the standard settings, but very popular.)

IMO, your post is slightly unclear.

Which features would you like to disable?

Also, FYI (to developers), you shuold really look at intellij and or eclipse for keybinding dialogs (FF is all over the place).

Also youtube has an interesting cheat sheet too.

I can gladly start a new thread for this (maybe in Mozilla Ideas?)