Is there a way to disable or customize a particular shortcut?

Currently, I am using Firefox on Linux Mint (GNU/Linux).
The shortcut for closing Firefox is mapped to ctrl + q.
The problem is that I mistakenly press the keys and close Firefox.
Is there a way to customize the shortcut, so that I can disable some features?
Thank you.

maybe with:

info found in:

I appreciate your response.
However, I think the saka key does not allow to override the original key binding of Firefox itself.
It only allows to “add” new key map, but does not disable it.

Ctrl + Q problem still persists.

The thing is that I also had the problem… it does not occur very often…

I am far from being an expert. I looked at the code and tried different methods none of them worked.

one thing is that the command in xul as reserved=“true” so I believe this is problematic.

 <key id="key_quitApplication" key="&quitApplicationCmd.key;"

#ifdef XP_WIN

I removed the OSX part for readibility.
There are also a few about:config entries which should enable the changing of the accel keys… look for shortcuts.

maybe the support.mozilla is a better place to ask the question.

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Thank you! I just had a look. So it does not look good.

I’ll try to look again

I would add:
to your

Note that you can also disable the shortcut from Linux.

At least in Gnome you can. I opened the Keyboard gnome-control-center keyboard and added a Custom Shortcut for Ctrl+Q