Is there any way to run an extension for debug on Android FireFox?

On Desktop FireFox, there is “Debug Add-ons” menu that allows me to load the extension I have been creating but have not published yet. I cannot find such menu in Android FireFox. All I can see is allow remove USB debugging. Is there no way? If not, how can I know if the extension I have been writing works on Android or not before publishing it?

The documentation on how to debug your extension on android can be found at

Also note that you need to use Firefox ESR 68 in order to debug current Firefox for Android.
More info:

I already knew that the API I use chrome_settings_overrides is not supported on the current release version of Android FireFox (68.7.0), and I wanted to know if the status of support has changed in the latest nightly version (77.0). I followed the instruction and tried to install the “XPI” but FireFox Nightly only showed a “Download” button, not an “Install” button. Currently, I cannot test an extension on an Android FireFox Nightly?

If you mean the new Firefox Preview for Android then you should be able to test it using the web-ext tool. They’ve added support in 4.1.0 version:

web-ext run -t firefox-android

Thanks. I tried that, and I did not see any errors in the Command Prompt, but on the Android-side, FireFox Nightly’s Add-ons page showed “Not yet available 1 add-on” at the bottom, and if I click it, it says “We’re currently building support for an initial selection of Recommanded Extensions.”. I knew that the future versions of FireFox currently support very limited number of extensions, but you can’t even debug an extension on those versions of FireFox?

Hey @loserdev. Go ahead and ignore that warning (there’s a bug to fix it). You may need to update web-ext to the latest build, but you should be able to run your extension in Preview Nightly. As a quick notes, it looks like you won’t be able to open the extension’s settings page if it has one.