Issue in deepspeech setup in Red Hat Linux version 2.32

Hello! I am new to deepspeech and I am trying to setup deepspeech on RHEL version 2.32, after successfully doing pip install deepspeech, and taking care of virtual environments and path.

I wanted to use deepspeech python bindings, as have written a python code around deepspeech for voice to text and based it on hence would want import deepspeech to work , which it doesn’t as I am getting the following error and would be grateful for a quick resolution.

Thank you for creating such an awesome project which has potential to be so much more.

Similar issue

And if you expect help here, dont make screenshots with your mobile. It’s far easier and more convenient to just copy/paste the text here.

Thank you so much for your quick reply and pointing out to the similar issue.

According to the similar issue, its the problem with CUDA dependencies, but I am not using a GPU, or even planning to train a model, I just want to run deepspeech using the pretrained model for which I am getting this error.

First, please avoid sharing screenshot for debugging, it makes it very hard to read for some people.

It is not. Please carefully read the error: our and the Python bindings are built against a more recent version glibc than yours. You will have to rebuild at least the python bindings, maybe

Okay, first of all ,sorry for posting a screenshot and thank you for such a quick reply.

Can you please guide me how I can rebuild the python bindings and also for a specific version of glibc that I have.

Thank you for your time.

This is all documented in native_client/ and