Issue in format conversion when recording a wav file

I have set up deepspeech on the server side and now will record audio on client side, which gets converted to wav file temporarily stored, which needs to be sent to server in a bit array format and then again be converted to wav file at server where whole deepspeech conversion takes place and further nlp processing takes place for our use case.

Is there a way provided by deepspeech (cause sox installation also gives the error statement ‘Sox not found, use 16KHz files or install it’ ) by which I can easily convert wav file to any other format and back to wav file with the required restrictions on sample rate and channels.
I also did pip install, which installed sox correctly.
and where should the converting take place?

pip only installs a wrapper around a pre-existing sox install, see here.

So you need to install sox itself first, see here for example.

Okay, Thank you for your insight, It helped.