Issue when uploading via addons

Hi ffdevs,

I have in past developed an extension for note making in which i have included an option to take backup of the notes and upload in case of browser reset/change.

In chromium browsers this works fine here the extension works fine but when i try to upload anything it asks me to open the file and when i open the extension disappears or closed and nothing happens.

This feature is very important for my extension. If there is anything we can do to upload or its a bug and needs to be fixed?

For reference my extension link:

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Sadly, this is a know 7 years old bug with low priority:

The workaround - you detect that your page is opened in a popup and show a button with a text “To import backup, click here to reopen this page in a new tab”. And the button click will open the popup.html file in a new tab like a normal page.