Issue with review process

Hi! At Proton VPN we have made available our VPN as a browser extension on Firefox.
Recently our extension has been kicked-out of the store following a NodeJS update that broke the build process of our extension.
It took as some days to be able to reproduce the issue that the Firefox CI was having and identify how to fix it. Enough day to have our extension fully disappear from the store :expressionless:

This has been quite a problem because our user-base and community are no longer able to download the extension.

We have submitted the fix to the build process 2 days ago, but the update hasn’t been approved yet, and every day that passes it causes more issues for us and our user-base.

Is there a way to treat these emergency situations as a priority?

On the side note, this has become an emergency because the extension disappeared from the store following an independent software update of NodeJS. Will you consider in the future to simply not accept updates in case extension can’t be successfully built, while preserving existing version and keep them available to users?


I’ll try to get this post to the right people.

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Hi samuele!
same issue i’ve been facing

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Thanks a lot! Indeed our update now got rejected (there are new requirements on adidtional HTML escaping).
We’ve resubmitted an improved version respecting these additional requirements.
Hope we can get back on the store. :crossed_fingers:

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Closing the loop on this, it looks like version 1.0.8 of Proton VPN was approved and it’s again available on AMO.