Issues with Theme Header Size When Creating New Theme

I tried uploaded an image 3000 width by 200 height with a square icon in the right corner and every time I do, it crops out part of the square icon in the right corner AI need some help knowing what I’m doing wrong. Included is said file.

The best way to achieve what you want would be to only have the skeleton in the image, position it to the right end of the window and set the background color to black, I think. That way it won’t be affected by window size.

Could you elaborate? I thought that’s what I did.

Even if you correctly place the main image of your theme on the right, unfortunately the visible part in height will always be about 100 pixels.
This measure can only change based on the presence or absence of the bookmark bar and on the “density” setting in the customization.
I advise you to make some screenshots of your video in various situations and then measure the pixels available in the customizations you have chosen to understand how the visible space changes …

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