It's not a bug it's a feature that is really necessary

I want more search options in the bookmark section Or the sidebar section I have a lot of bookmarks they are literally in thousands I’ve been using Firefox for more than 10 years and I have bookmarks regarding a lot of stuff and they Different in topics some of them are for development some of them are for graphic design etc when I opened my bookmarks and I need to search for something it’s annoying to search for a folder cause there isn’t a specific way to search for folders usually when you search the search feature would go to search for urls or websites and doesn’t seem to care about folders and for their names the way I organize my bookmarks is by setting them in folders inside of folders while it’s good to search for a Specific website by entering its name but there must be a way to search for folders and this is the feature that I want to add and I suggest that you are the way to the magnifier or for the search tool to change the search features So we can have multiple ways to search more effectively.

the way that I suggest for you to implement this feature is to add multiple for different ways to search when you press on the magnifier Something just like the feature you added on the sidebar to change the viewing location