I've modified for TB78 add-on abandoned by developer , how to publish it?

Developer does not support his add-on for Thunderbird since 2015.
I’ve managed to modify it (using Experiments API) to work in TB 78.
A have already posted it in Issues comments on add-on’s github page.

How it can be published on https://addons.thunderbird.net/ ?

It’s simple. Create account if you didn’t already and then go to the menu “Tools” / “Submit new addon” and then just follow the steps it asks you to.

Thanks, but I’m not able to register add-on with the same name.

I wanted only to make update to current abandoned add-on to be compatible with TB78.

Is there any solution, except registering it with another name?

I think the original author would have to add you as co-author or something like that.
Maybe @caitlin could write here more details? Thanks!

It would be a huge security risk if anyone could release update for any addon.

In ideal scenario you would simply create pull request in his github repository with a correctly set "strict_min_version": "78.0" (so that users of old 68 are not upgraded) and he would then merge and release.
But if he abandoned the project, then you would just have to release new addon under new name.

See this post:

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It much better if you get the author’s blessing if you can. At best you can own the ATN listing. Or they will put a comment on the original listing and in github pointing to yours.
And if you publish are you prepared to maintain it? If it contains an experiment it may require more work with every release.

Thanks all for answers.

I’m not mastered in Java or programming itself and not going to make fork or maintain it.
So I left link to Github page with my solution on add-on’s page in review comment.
Hope it will help add-on users.

Thunderbird has now the extension finder linked directly from within Thunderbird on incompatible add-ons, to guide users to alternatives/forks. So if you do decide to fork it and upload it to ATN, we can make it discoverable.


IIRC, you only have to change the id in the manifest, the name can stay the same.