JIRA Dashboard

JIRA has something called “Dashboards”


(See also https://confluence.atlassian.com/jira/customizing-the-dashboard-185729498.html)

I’ve been working on a good default dashboard (if you have a JIRA account, it’s called “Kensie’s Super Dashboard”).

Ok so now you’re all caught up! In the meeting yesterday I was showing how I had two different sections in the dashboard “In Progress” and “Assigned to me” and was talking about the use-case where you would use the In Progress section to find issues you can finish and close, then use the Assigned section to find the next issue to work on. But those sections out of the box don’t really work that way. I’m making some custom filters to get what we really want, then adding them to the dashboard using the filter gadget instead.

In Progress

I think this might actually only show issues that have the status “In Progress” and not any of the other statuses that indicate work is under way. What other statuses mean “this has work done on it” and should be included in this filter?

Assigned/To Do

Which statuses indicate an issue is assigned but work hasn’t been started yet? This one is interesting since JIRA’s built-in workflows keep in mind a process where the assignee changes. Eg if something needs review, the idea is that they assignee would change with the status to the person who should do the review. So if we follow that practice then “waiting for review” would also indicate an “I have work that I haven’t started” state.

So far in this filter I have included: “Enter Details”, Request, Backlog, “Selected for next Major Version”, “To Do”, “Selected for Development”

Did I miss anything?