Join the Dark Funnel Detectives

Hey Mozillians,

The Dark Funnel Detective Campaign is starting in less than a week, and there’s still time to register yourself and your fellow Mozillians as Dark Funnel Detectives.

Are you speaking Spanish? You can register yourself to the Spanish version.
If you are from Indonesia, you can find also register here.

Understanding the dark funnel is one of Firefox’s most important goals this year. September 17-24th join Mozillians all over the world to spend a few minutes daily to help us shine light on unknown download sources by searching the web for sites with “unofficial” firefox download buttons, and reporting them using the form that will go live at the start of the campaign.

You can participate by yourself or if you want to throw a Dark Funnel Event you can expense up to 100 USD following these guidelines. Keep your receipts, and look for a local Resources Rep that can submit a budget for you. Just remember to get all of your event attendees to register on the main event page so we know they’re participating.

Keep rockin’ the open web!

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I have a problem with the selection of the search engine. That is, I select in search engine: Other
Then in the other Search Engine box: Qwant
and when I post report, I get the message: An answer is required


Hey @hellosct1thanks for reporting, this is indeed a bug. I am reporting it to our dev to be fixed

Thanks for the report! I think I realized what the issue is… and should have a fix deployed in a bit.

In the meantime, you should be able to work around it by selecting some other search engine, like Google, then select Other and you should be able to type in something else there.

OK, fix is deployed – thanks again for letting us know!