July 26, 2021 Add-ons Community Meeting

Hi all! The next add-ons community meeting is July 26, 2021 4:00 PM. We’ll be talking about recent happenings in the add-ons ecosystem. If there’s anything you would like to discuss, please add it to the agenda.

This meeting will be streamed on Air Mozilla.

I’m a bit confused about those tags. It feels inconsistent and very narrow.
I see many known services / pages like reddit, whatsapp, then some categories like search, privacy, security, vpn and then totally random items like “word counter” or “dndbeyond”?

Also, why include google and facebook and not (for example) Baidu and vkontakte (and the one they use in china)? And then 1000 other popular pages not listed in there, like github or discord.

And lastly, I’m author of “speed dial” like extension that is something similar to bookmarks feature, and I have trouble finding a single relevant tag in there, which makes me sad :frowning:. I would suggest “bookmarks” but then it’s again same as already existing category.

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Hey @juraj.masiar! Some of your questions should be answered on today’s blog post announcing the re-launch of the feature. :slight_smile:

The current set of tags is based on things we’ve noticed users looking for. We may expand or revise the list depending on how this feature gets used.

We’re also still thinking about tags vs. categories. For example, ‘search’ is a tag and a category but ‘bookmarks’ isn’t.

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We’ll keep you posted on future feature updates.

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