Kapersky add-on

(Postmaster) #1

There always used to be an add-on for kapersky safe money previously, appears no longer.
Unusual as Kapersky recommends 3 browsers, Firefox being one of those recommended.

Can anyone throw some light on this subject?

(Jorge) #2

Have you tried looking for it on the Kaspersky website, or asking their support about it?

(Postmaster) #3

Jorgev. the answer is yes.
When i go into Safe Money settings, and check for which browser to use, it offers ONLY the following browsers; Internet explorer , Chrome, Default.
In Microsoft settings the default is set as Firefox, however, it does not work on “Safe Money”, only Chrome or Internet Explorer appear to work.
Kapersky want me to allow them to perform a remote session on my computer, needless to say, I have reservations on that suggestion.