Kuma Report, September 2017

(Jwhitlock) #1

Here’s what happened in September in Kuma, the engine of MDN Web Docs:

  • Ran Maintenance Mode Tests in AWS - AWS can handle the load of MDN. New Relic produced some pretty graphs, and showed performance should be about the same.
  • Updated Article Styling - Tuned the display of code (which is still being tuned), and tested more readable line lengths.
  • Continued Conversion to Browser Compat Data - HTML and JavaScript data ported. 25% of pages converted.
  • Shipped Tweaks and Fixes

Here’s the plan for October:

  • Move MDN to AWS - Scheduled for Tuesday, October 10
  • Improve Performance of the Interactive Editor - We want to improve the page load time before we ship this feature that’s gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews.

For the full report, see: