L10n mistake in Simplified Chinese Common Voice Website translation

The sentence “Ready to do 5 more?” appears in both speaking and listening pages[1-2] after 5 sentences are read or reviewed.
The Simplified Chinese translation is: “准备好再 5 条了吗?”, which appears at both speaking and listening pages too.

The Chinese character “录” here simply means ‘record’, so in the speaking page, it is right. However, it’s wrong and generates misunderstanding when used as a translation for the same English sentence in the listening page.

I guess the English sentence here is only one line in the PO file(If po file format is used for translation), and it is set to appear in both pages. In this case, the Simplified Chinese translation should be corrected.

It should be changed to “准备好再 5 条了吗?”. The bold character here, which is , it has the meaning of certain action in Chinese, here means ‘do’.

If the sentence are 2 same strings in the original English file, then one of the translations should be corrected, to “准备好再 5 条了吗?”. Here “” means ‘listen’.

[1] https://voice.mozilla.org/en/speak
[2] https://voice.mozilla.org/en/listen

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Common Voice localization is handled by Mozilla’s pontoon, you can add corrections there or contact the reviewers:



Thank you. Let me try to contact one of the reviewers.

The mistake had been solved.