Language pack not available after upgrade

Been using Thunderbird for several years now and since the automatic upgrade to version 68 my French language pack has disappeared. Thought I’d just install it again only to find it is no longer compatible with my latest version of Thunderbird. It’s important to me to have it as I send a lot of emails in French and English.
Any ideas please?

The add-ons home page has a forum. You could ask there.

The French language pack for TB 68.1 32-bit (Windows) is available here:

You may have to set the preference intl.multilingual.enabled to fr in Config. editor (see the release notes).

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    1. You need to download a new version of the language pack for
      Thunderbird 68. Go to ,
      click on your operating system, click on the “xpi” subdirectory
      within the OS directory, download the “xpi” file you want, and
      install it as an add-on.

    The way Thunderbird deals with language packs has been changed in
    Thunderbird 68. You may need to open the advanced configuration
    editor and enable the preference intl.multilingual.enabled and
    restart, after which you will be able to set language preferences
    on the “General” tab of the “Advanced” preferences page.

    It will eventually be possible to download language packs within
    Thunderbird, but that functionality is not fully rolled out yet so
    it’s disabled by default. I just tried enabling it and it’s not
    working, though I’m not sure why.

Hope this helps.


  Thanks for your reply and my apologies for posting the query in

the wrong place - I was redirected and didn’t take much notice of
where I was posting it! I don’t suppose you can advise me on
another problem since the 68 release please…I can no longer use
the auto-resize photo tool which I found really useful when
sending photos to my clients (I run kennels and cattery and they
like to see pictures of their pets but with only 2Mb internet
speed I need to minimise the photos to send them). Many thanks.

Kind regards


If someone tells you you’re in the wrong place for asking
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it’s probably best not to follow up your apology immediately with
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