Language translation

(Mahesh) #1

in future does Mozilla plans for crowd sourcing language translation with own extension (no third party)?
Thank you

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

can you explain better? mozilla already localize his projects.

(Mahesh) #3

like translating web content in pages as google translator does, data for translation is collecting from crowd source.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #4

So you are talking about a web service to localize web pages.
I don’t think that is in the mozilla scope right now, they are working on other stuff like VR, rust, performances, mobile, send and many other things.

(Mahesh) #5

i got it, i thought it may be useful.
Thank you.

(Irvin Chen) #6

There are lots of Google Translate add-on for Firefox that you can use.

I don’t think Mozilla should get into this domain due to resources, it’s hard to implement better than Google did with the data quantity they had.

(Axel) #7

Every now and then, we think about adding content translation to Firefox.

We’d not use crowd sourcing for the translation, but machine translation (MT). Crowd sourcing would have turn-around times of hours, if not days, that seems to be too slow for the attention span of today’s readers. There’s also copy-right questions about taking the content away from the page and hosting it somewhere for translation.

As far as MT goes, I know that we looked at a few different engines, but in the experiments we did never showed that the benefit of doing it pays for the cost that comes with Mozilla paying for MT.

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