Laser Cat Gone Missing

Hello! I wanted to reach out to the support to ask whether the removal of the LASER CAT extension from the add-ons store was by accident, because of the owner removing it, or following an investigation by Team Mozilla. I deleted the extension today after using it for about a year and I’d like to know whether there were any security concerns.
Also, if there weren’t any concerns, is there any possibility for it to be added back?
I cannot add it back since I deleted it, and I really want to use it again. I hope we can do something to bring the cute black cat back. ;-;
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Edit: I managed to click “Undo” and now I still have the extension on my browser, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s nowhere to be seen in the store. I would like some light shed on the topic, if possible. Thank you in advance.


Associated Issue:

Link to contact the original dev: