Latest update won't install

I know this has nothing to do with themes…but the latest update 69.0.1 won’t install on my desktop. (Right now I have 69.o 64 bit) I have tried it many times and over several day. It took about 4 times to get it installed on my laptop…but after 8 or 9 times over 2 days I still can’t get it on my desktop. Anyone else having a problem?

Glad I’m not the only one!

Hey @MaDonnasPersonas, what operating system are you using? I’m looking into this ASAP.

Good morning…I am using Windows 10…I didn’t even turn my desktop on yesterday so first thing I did this morning was trying the update again (for the 10+ time) and it updated. So everything seems to be fine now…

Thanks so much.


Whew, I’m glad it’s working! :slight_smile: