Latest version URL


[Edit] I found the problem: I haven’t published the add-on for all platforms (Android was not checked actually), republishing it for all platforms did the trick!


I have an add-on on the store:

Currently my website’s users trigger its installation by clicking on a link pointing to an URL like this:

It works fine but as you can see I need to update my website each time I deploy a new version.

I’ve found out on other sites with add-ons inline installations (e.g. duckduckgo) (and on this forum here) that it is possible to use generic URLs to get the latest version automatically (but this is not documented AFAIK). There are two working forms:

But neither work for my add-on… (with …/latest/youcare-search/addon-988803-latest.xpi or …/latest/youcare-search/ I get a 404 error).

Is there an (invisible ;-)) option on my developer account to activate to get it to work?
I am missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Working examples found on the forum: