[Launch] Community Participation Guidelines Online Training Course


At Mozilla we believe that everyone deserves the right to work, contribute and convene with knowledge that their safety, and well-being are at the forefront of how we operate and communicate as an organization.

In order to strengthen our support and commitment to this vision, we are launching a new Contributor Community Participation Guidelines (“CPG”), an online training course This is parallel with another course we’ve already launched for community-facing staff.

This course will walk contributors through:

  • The sections of the Community Participation Guidelines.
  • How to accept, submit and triage a report.
  • The resolution process.
  • Data handling practices for CPG reports and communication.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for Mozilla community members and contributors, especially those in roles of influence for example:

  • Those with roles in official programs like Mozilla Reps, Tech Speakers, Campus Clubs.
  • Contributors who review pull requests, issues or otherwise interact with contributors on Github, Bugzilla and Mercurial.
  • Other contributors with roles of influence, especially in a communications channel, for example SUMO, as well as Matrix and Discourse moderators.
  • Governance roles including Reps Council, and those on the Module owner list.
  • Those who attend Mozilla events like the All Hands, Mozfest or organize events around things like Activate Campaigns.

Of course everyone interested in creating safe spaces (online and in person) is welcome to participate!

  1. Get Started on the Contributor Community Participation Guidelines (“CPG”), online training course. Create an account, and follow the prompts to progress through content, and assessment.
  2. Share this information with any of your team members or contributors you work with for whom the training would be beneficial.

For more information you can reach out directly to cpg-questions@mozilla.com or pop into #CommnunityCPGCourse on Matrix.

Warm Regards,

Emma, Mrinalini and Francesca
Community Development Team


Hello Emma,

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here but when I try to log on to the training course I see “This course is closed for enrollment.” - apart from there only being one L in “enrolment” :wink: there does not seem to be any way to create an account on https://mozilla.teachable.com

I tried looking in the #CommnunityCPGCourse room in Matrix then #CommunityCPGCourse :wink:
But I cannot get in there either as it looks like I need to be invited :frowning:

Wonder if you can help please?

Best regards


Hi Spike,

First of all thanks for being an early adopter :slight_smile: And also I will look into this, I see the problem but it’s new and I am reaching out to Teachable now to understand… will update ASAP thank you.

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Many thanks Emma!